Home Sweet Home!

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

It is so nice to be home after several days in Chicago.  When I landed in Chicago on Wednesday the temperature was 21 degrees and snowing.  This morning it was 12 degrees so I decided to run 8 miles on the treadmill rather than run along an unfamiliar highway @ 5:00 a.m.

Now is a good time to consider whether you have sufficient clothing to train through the New England winter.  I recommend that you become accustomed to layering your clothing.  On extremely cold days I wear a thin base layer closest to my body.  I prefer Under Armour tights because of the quality and fit.  I have had several pairs for nearly 5 years and they’re holding up great.  You might prefer to wear a wind pant on extremely cold and windy days but that’s never been my preference.  I tend to wear two layers on my upper body with the outer layer having a zipper.  That allows me to regulate my temperature throughout my run (i.e., fully zipped up at the beginning before my core temperature rises, down during the run and back up near the end of the run when my resources have been depleted).

I always wear a hat since so much body heat escapes through the head.  A headband will keep your ears warm but it doesn’t prevent precious body heat from escaping.  Gloves and mittens are items that I treat like the zipper on my top in that I remove them during the run after I’m fully warmed up and replace them when I’m in the final miles of my run. 

I’ll conduct a workshop on running form and efficiency at our initial training.  Being able to maintain efficient form throughout your runs will make running far more enjoyable and significantly reduce the likelihood of injury.  Most runners dramatically lose their form when they get tired, forcing their body through a greater range of motion and risking injuring themselves.

I am so excited to be training for Boston with the Marathon Coalition TEAM.  We’ll be running up Heartbreak Hill for the first time on Saturday.  It will feel very differently on April 18th after having run 20 miles to arrive at the base.  Some of you have a lot to learn but we’ll cover a lot of ground the first few weeks and before you know it you’ll all be fully versed on the course and the requisite strategy needed to finish Boston in ‘relative comfort.’

Four year old Macie Jo is one of the many reasons I love returning home after all my business trips!

Our little girl is growing up way too fast

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