Getting The Most Out Of Giving

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

“Learn like you will live forever.  Live like you will die tomorrow!” -Mahatma Gandhi

I would like to thank everyone that attended our first training yesterday.  I hope that you learned that, by attending training, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn so much about running in general and the Boston Marathon in particular.  Additionally, my greatest hope is that you realized this marathon journey is going to be one of the most meaningful and inspirational experiences of your life.

And that is because YOU are actively engaged and committed to putting so much effort into it!  This message is mostly for the runners that didn’t attend training yesterday.  I want to recognize that some of you had prior commitments that prevented you from attending training and I appreciate that you notified me.  But if you didn’t attend training because you slept in or thought that, like a college class, you can get by with not attending training and do okay on the final exam….you are in for a HUGE surprise on April 18th.

Many of you are running your first marathon in Boston…that continues to amaze and inspire me.  But I hope that you realize that I am applying my experience of running Boston 5 consecutive decades and developing a program that you will benefit from.  You simply cannot extract all that you need to know from my blog and weekly messages via e-mail along with everything you read and what your friends tell you and develop a strategy of success.  You might get to the finish line but is that really all that you want to do?

Don’t you want to feel like you gave this experience everything that you have?  Is simply getting through the marathon or just meeting your fundraising minimum all that you’re going to ask of yourself?  Consider how you will feel about yourself and your marathon contribution if that is the approach you’ve adopted.  Most importantly, consider the benefactors of your fundraising efforts and how limited their educational opportunities will be because you accepted less from yourself than you know you’re capable of achieving.

I want to be very clear that I am putting everything I can into my coaching effort to ensure everyone gets the most from this journey…including myself.  I live Gandi’s quote everyday because, thankfully, I have learned some extremely hard lessons in my life about the downfall of coasting and not putting forth my best effort.  I have also gained a little wisdom in my 52 years of living.  I have benefitted greatly from the wisdom that certain people shared with me throughout my life and I consider that knowledge one of the greatest gifts ever!

So I am simply trying to pass that along to you.  If you’re intimidated by training becasue you fear you might be the slowest runner….you shouldn’t be.  Training is non-competitive and someone will always be the slowest runner.  Training is about preparing yourself for the Boston Marathon and if that means trying to break 6 hours that is okay!  Training is also about attempting to make the biggest difference possible in the lives of the people served by the missions of all 7 charities.  Although running tends to be an individual activity, this is truly a TEAM sport.  Collectively we rely on one another for so much.  And when you don’t attend training your deprive your teammates and yourself of more than you likely imagine.

After coaching runners for 15 years I know that the runners that get the most from this experience are those that attend training.  I have also learned that if you don’t attend training within the first 3 weeks you’re unlikely to attend training at all.  Please don’t allow that to happen.  You don’t want to be standing on the starting line in Hopkinton on April 18th with any regrets. 

An average coach would be satisfied with having less runners at training because it would be easier.  I hope that you realize I am NOT that coach.  I want EVERYONE to attend training.  I welcome the additional work and want YOU to attend training.  I will look forward to seeing you Saturday :-)!


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