Buffalo Blues

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am departing Providence this morning @ 6:30 for Buffalo, New York.  I have an all day meeting scheduled with Puma and will return home tonight @ 10:00.  Unfortunately I won’t have time for a workout.

I travel 70% of the time during the academic year but I hope this is going to be my last trip of the year.  Our pellet stove is blazing and our Rhodesian Ridgeback is trying to crawl onto my lap, not an easy task for a 100 lb. dog.  He’s one of the best running dogs but, like many of us, has gotten a little less disciplined over time.

With the exception of Lori, however.  I hope that you enjoyed her post yesterday.  I also hope that I can convince her to be a regular contributor since she’s full of helpful advice and insight.  I will always be inspired by her marathon debut in Hartford where she qualified for Boston; not an easy task.  She validated her ability by qualifying again in Boston a few months later…very impressive!

Noted sports psychologist, Dr. Grayson Kimball, will join us for training this weekend to speak about the mental aspect of running.  Dr. Kimball helped me coach my final Boston TEAM for Team In Training several years ago.  Here are a few links related to his work:



The following week we will have another good friend of mine, Colin Peddie, and the owner of Marathon Sports join us to discuss the natural running movement.  In future weeks we will also have a yoga instructor as well as a nutritionist speak to the Marathon Coalition TEAM.

Well I have to drive an hour to the airport so I will keep today’s post brief.  I hope that you have an enjoyable day!

  1. freryder says:


    I will be a first time marathoner in Boston this year and have been scouring blogs for others like myself when I came across your blog. I love it by the way and quickly subscribed. Are runners from other teams welcome at your Saturday training runs? I would love come.


  2. Kate Z says:

    Sounds like an exciting lineup – looking forward to it!

    Safe travels, and stay warm out there…

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