New Beginnings!

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

This has been an extremely challenging week for me with respect to my training.  I had to travel to Basking Ridge, New Jersey to meet with Barnes & Noble and to Buffafo, New York to meet with our partner in the Puma launch, New Buffalo Shirt Factory.  So it was a major challenge to keep up with my training schedule.

Rather than attempt to make up for my missed workouts I am going to be patient and get back on track beginning with tomorrow’s run with the TEAM.  It’s important to remain disciplined with my diet when I know I’m going to be unable to be cosistent with my workouts.

My job is very demanding and time consuming, particularly since I’m preparing to launch two new lines at our January sales meeting with the potential of generating tens of millions of dollars in a difficult economy.  I love what I do in terms of cultivating relationships with my vendor partners and managing the entire sales force so that always lessens the pressure from a demanding work and travel schedule.

I will focus on staying hydrated and eating well in prepartion for tomorrow’s TEAM run.  I will also be running between 10-15 miles on Sunday morning with Lori.  I really look forward to our weekly runs, they’ve become our weekly date.  We catch up on all the week’s activities with Rider and Macie Jo as well as our work.  Even though Lori has been the amazing CEO of Home Sweet Home for the past 10 years she has managed to stay involved with her love of education by privately tutoring various students.  She is also a board member of the Grafton Land Trust and works diligently with an extremely dedicated group of volunteers to preserve open space in a rapidly growing community.  That is a herculean task that ranks alongside training for a marathon!

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen Dr. Grayson Kimball so I’m really looking forward to seeing him.  He’ll be signing copies of his bood, Grateful Running, so plan accordingly if you’re interested in purchasing a copy.  I know that I am!  He is a HUGE Grateful Dead fan so you’ll find a lot of relevant musical inspiration in his book.

Each week I assess what I’ve done well and where I’ve fallen short.  Unfortunately I’ve fallen short in more areas than not this week so I’m determined to reverse that trend in the updoming week.  It’s important not to become paralyzed by frustration when you have a challenging week.  The spirit of a marathoner is to always deal with challenges in the most positive manner and become inspired and empowered by your efforts.

Today is the beginning of a new and determined effort!

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