Rick’s Top 10 Running Things

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Running is one of those activities that requires minimal gear.  It could be as basic as a couple of pairs of running shoes, tights or shorts, a top and sometimes an outer layer.  Of course, there are a few more wardrobe requirements for winter weather, but nevertheless, not much more is needed… unless you are Rick.:-)  Rick doesn’t do anything simply.  If he’s going to participate, he’s going to do it big.  So, the following is a list of Rick’s Most Favorite Running Things.  It wasn’t easy narrowing this down to 10, so maybe he’ll post another list another time. In the meantime, you might like to add a few of these items to your Christmas list…

1. Garmin Forerunner– GPS for the serious gadget person… measures distance, average pace, and heart rate.  It stores information for analysis and can be downloaded to your computer.

2. iPod– Gotta have good tunes on a long run.

3. Running Shoes– Newtons (3 pairs), Nike Free Everyday (8 pairs), K- Swiss (2 pairs), Asics DS Trainer (4 pairs)- For any mood, every day.

4. Compression Tights– Hold your muscles snugly and aid in recovery.  Like a full body hug.

5. Pro Stretch– Helps stretch the calves.  Great for after a run while drinking chocolate milk.

6. Chocolate Milk– (Probably should be number 1.)  Full of protein, carbs, calcium and vitamins.  Great post-run drink to aid in recovery.  Delicious too!

7. The Stick– Best muscle massaging tool.  Use pre and post run to stimulate blood flow to your muscles to warm and loosen them. 

8. Epsom Salts Bubble Bath–  Dump a whole carton of Epsom Salts in a tub of hot water, add lots of bubbles, your favorite book, light a candle or two, jump in and soak!

9.  Body Glide– It’s not what you think… apply it to any spots that might get chafed to prevent chafing.

10. Red Licorice Coated in Salt– Throw some licorice in a baggy, add salt, and voila, the perfect fuel for a long run. The salt replaces electrolytes and sugar keeps your glucose level up.

  1. Jeff Maher says:

    Coach Rick- what is your take on a foam roll vs a stick? Especially for post run massaging…

  2. Hello Jeff,

    I actually recommend both. I use the stick before each run and immediately afterwards. I then use the Thera Roll at the very end in an effort to get deeper into the muscle tissue. There two items have been instrumental in helping recovery and preventing injury.

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