The Weekly Long Run…

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Boston Marathon finish line is that elusive destination where agony, glory and inspiration meet!

Rick Muhr

The weekend run is the longest and most important run of the week. The confidence you gain from this run is the perfect segue to a new and more challenging week of training. Each week should physically prepare you for the gradual increase in mileage and provide a mental boost so that you begin to believe you’re capable of incrementally increasing your mileage each week.

This long run can also cause you to doubt whether you’re capable of finishing a marathon if you struggle during this run. The likelihood that you will struggle during the weekly long run is fairly high if Boston will be your first marathon and the long run mileage is the farthest you’ve ever run. It’s imperative that you maintain the proper perspective if you happen to struggle during the long run.

A challenging run can actually provide a greater benefit to your marathon preparation than one of your best runs. When you struggle with the course, the wind, the weather or simply how you are feeling, you are physically and mentally preparing yourself for the challenge of running from Hopkinton to Boston.

So don’t be discouraged by these challenging runs, embrace them and learn as much as you possibly can from them. Assess what might be the root cause of your struggles and focus on improving that aspect of your training. As your fitness improves so will your ability to effectively manage whatever struggle you encounter.  Managing challenges will allow you to you to manage the agony and completely enjoy the glory and inspiration you’ll experience when you cross the finish line of the 2011 Boston Marathon!

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