Challenges Abound

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I just returned from another wonderful training run with the Marathon Coalition TEAM. We ran 6 miles to the Newton Fire Station and back. We won’t be together again until January 1st so it should be interesting to see how many runners attend training. I am hopeful that we’ll have an impressive group intent on beginning the year on a positive note.

Dawn and Greg Guarriello attended training today. They have both completed Ironman Wisconsin and Ironman Florida….impressive. I followed Dawn for awhile and admire how efficient her stride is. You don’t accomplish what they have by wasting energy. Bob Connolly and Steven Najarian also joined our group for the run. At one point all four of these runners were side by side and I realized they have collectively run 40 Boston Marathons. I still cannot believe that I have coached Boston Marathoner runners for 15 years now. I consider it an absolute privilege to be given this opportunity.

Colin Peddie from Marathon Sports provided an extremely informative presentation on proper running shoe and clothing selection as well as an overview of the natural running movement. We’re going to spend more time focusing on this ever evolving movement.

As I near the age of 53 I’m increasingly challenged to stay with runners that are nearly half my age. One of my runners challenged me to stay with him during our next 8 mile run on New Year’s Day. I love his spirit and look forward to dropping him on the Newton Hills. I think we’ll begin that test on Heartbreak Hill and turn around and head for the fire station and back. It should be very good preparation for the upcoming Phoenix Rock n’ Roll marathon. I haven’t given in to the reality of getting older and I don’t suspect that’ll happen on January 1st either. I don’t think it will rank up there with Beardsley and Salazar’s Duel In The Sun but I have no doubt it will constitute Hell In The Hills…for my challenger at least.

Deal Them Up!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Was a really helpful presentation today. Thanks! I am so enjoying the runs, too. Let’s hope the weather stays this nice for the really long ones!

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