Happy New Year

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

I just returned from  my 8 mile run with the Marathon Coalition runners.  The first mile of our run was up Heartbreak Hill and then we reversed directions and ran back to mile 17 to the Fire Station.  I ran with everyone so my pace varied widely.  Nevertheless I averaged 7:4o mile.  I have been looking forward to a hard workout today for two weeks but things didn’t develop as I had hoped.

I encountered another runner during my final push through the hills.  Errol is 51 and is from South Africa.  We shared several very quick miles.  He ran 2:57 in Boston earlier this year so we exchanged contact information and plan to do some training together.  I was so impressed with the runners that attended training today.  Their presence speaks volumes about their commitment and dedication to their marathon preparation.

I encouraged them to keep a training journal.  I recommended recording hours slept, analysis of their diet, how they’re feeling, training distance, average pace, course description, etc.  I also demonstrated how to take their resting heart rate each morning and explained the importance of adjusting their training based on this information.  A training journal can be a helpful tool in managing all the variables related to training for a marathon.

Lori and Rider are currently running a 5 mile race in Sterling, MA so I’m anxious to hear how they did.  I stopped by grandma’s to see if Macie Jo wanted to come home with me but I lost out to playing in the snow with her good friend, Rose.  I can’t think of a better way to begin the New Year than to have the entire Muhr family enjoying different forms of running and physical activity.  The weather is absolutely beautiful.

I plan to run a hilly 15 miles in Grafton tomorrow as my last challenging run before the Phoenix Rock n’ Roll Marathon in two weeks. 

I hope that everyone has gotten off to a positive start with the New Year.  I also hope this year exceeds all of your expectations!

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