Positive Beginnings

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

I had a very promising weekend of running.  I ran 8 miles with my Marathon Coalition runners on Saturday on the hills of Newton.  I know the TEAM is going to be very comfortable on these hills on Marathon Day.  Today Lori and I ran 13.1 miles on a fairly hilly course in Grafton.  It was raining when we began but I soon removed my jacket and hid it in a pile of leaves near Tufts University Vet School.  I forgot all about it until Lori called me this evening and indicated she was trying to locate it…what a wonderful wife!

I was able to run under my goal pace for the marathon.  I can definitely see the improvement in my running now that I’ve been more consistent with my training.  I still have a slight tenderness in my left achilles tendon that resulted from having my foot in the same position for extended periods during the 5,000 motorcycle trip that I took in June.  Thoroughly warming up before pushing the pace and icing afterwards has allowed me to continue running without too much pain.  I use the Pro Stretch (www.prostretch.com) immediately after each run.

I plan to incorporate more yoga into my workout routine to improve my flexibility.  If I had one piece of advice for the runners that I coach it would be to spend sufficient time after each run cooling down, stretching and refueling. 

My primary focus has been to stay relaxed and efficient throughout my entire run.  The regular walk breaks have been instrumental in this effort.  It will also pay dividends in the marathon when I take a brief walking break through the water stations.  Training my body to transition back to running, particularly in the later miles, will allow me to regain my previous pace more quickly.

Today will be a well-deserved day off from running.  I have a sales meeting in Providence, Rhode Island all week so I’ll likely have to rely on the treadmill until the weekend.  Eating well is always a challenge when staying at a hotel.  Thankfully there’s a Whole Foods just a few miles away that I can rely on if necessary.

It’s beneficial to get a good start to each training week.  I hope that you’re also beginning your training week on a positive note!

  1. Luc Levesque says:

    I have a cold, but there is better day ahead.

  2. Hello Luc,

    Don’t push yourself too hard until you feel you’re fully recovered from your cold. Good luck and thank you for your continued support of my blog!

  3. Beth Bonacci says:

    Good News = Started a yoga challenge today at the studio I belong to on cape. Yoga once a day for 30 days!!

    Bad News = Pushed way to hard this weekend…..
    thursday night waitressed, friday morning 7 miles on cape, saturday the very hilly 8 (.33) haha….w/ you, waitressed saturday night, sunday morning femur already hurting
    😦 but could not let down my team for our Winter Grand Prix race of 5 miles, sunday afternoon body bag!!

  4. Hello Beth,

    It seems like you need a day or two of much-deserved rest! It was great to have you at training this past Saturday. I am so thankful that you’re on the Marathon Coalition TEAM.

    Enjoy your yoga class. Please let me know if you feel it enhances your running!


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