Purposeful Training

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s important to have a purpose for every run.  Too many runners focus on just covering a specific distance without considering how to maximize the time and effort invested in a run.

The long weekly run is the cornerstone of most marathon training programs but the shorter, less intense runs can also be beneficial.  Runners tend to discount the benefits of shorter runs and place less importance on their value to their overall training.

However, every run is an important part to your overall marathon plan.  You may want to focus on improving your running efficiency, running hills to build your strength or confidence, a tempo or interval type run to train your body to sustain the pace of your time goal or a recovery type run to allow your body to rest and prepare for your long run.

So always consider what the purpose is of every run and develop a more comprehensive and strategic plan.  You will arrive at the starting line of the Boston Marathon with more confidence and also increase your chances of achieving your goals!

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