Celebrate The Milestones

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s important to celebrate the milestones along the journey of training for the Boston Marathon!  They can range from being more consistent with training, cleaning up your diet, reducing alcohol consumption, running 10 miles for the first time or beginning to believe that you can make a significant difference in the world!

It’s easy to focus exclusively on the ultimate goal of finishing Boston in relative comfort but it’s a collection of smaller accomplishments that sets the stage for success in the marathon.  Take a moment to consider our kick-off and all that you’ve accomplished in that brief 7 week period. 

It’s beneficial to write down all the things that you’ve accomplished with respect to your training, fundraising efforts and your lifestyle.  Conversely, I encourage you to also identify the areas that may require more attention.  We tend to focus too much on the things we do well and not enough on the areas needing improvement.  Balancing the scale between these two areas is the recipe for success.  It’s empowering when you commit to changing something in your life and accomplishing that task. 

Self-assessment is critical in all facets of your life.  I’ve trained a lot of extremely fit runners that were completely bankrupt in other areas.  I’ve been well served by the mind, body, spirit methodology but it’s taken years of incredible commitment and continues every day.  I still fall short of my expectations regularly but the one constant is my commitment to operate in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Celebrating the milestones isn’t exclusive to you!  Lori and I attended a surprise 40th birthday party last evening of an extremely dear friend.  While running, particularly training for the Boston Marathon, can be all-consuming, it’s important to have balance in your life by not becoming too isolated from all the people you love and care about.   Meeting so many new friends last evening reminded me that life is not just about running and that other people have priorities and desires that are as important to them as running is to me. 

You will rely heavily on the support of family, friends and colleagues in your marathon training and I encourage you to express your gratitude to everyone offering encouragement and financial support.  I learned long ago that nothing significant in life is ever accomplished alone.  While you will be the Rock Star on Patriot’s Day in April, there will be a lot of people who set up the stage for you along the way.

So take some time to contemplate all that you’ve accomplished to this point in your training and revel in all that has changed in your life in 7 weeks.  Celebrate your milestones with everyone that has supported you because your achievements are as important to them as they are you!

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