Active vs. Passive Recovery… (Posted by Lori)

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

You’ve had a challenging workout and it’s time for a recovery day.  Does that mean you have a free pass to lie on the couch all day?  Possibly.  But you could also recover with a workout, which would likely be more effective.  An active recovery should involve some form of cross training other than running- walking biking, swimming, yoga, weights, etc.- as long as you keep the intensity low, and your heart rate at no more than 50-60 percent.  On a scale of 1-10, your workout should be at an effort level of about  a 4, and you should be able to talk without being out of breath.  Being active on your recovery day allows your muscles to recover, yet it helps flush the lactic acid and still gives the benefit of calorie burn.  

 On the other hand, a passive recovery might be just what you need.  If you feel particularly tired (from, say, traveling, racing, or any other reason) or if your immune system is feeling compromised, a snooze on the couch might just be your best choice.  Taking a complete day off does have merit when your body calls for it.  Listen to your body. 

But, one piece of advice before curling up for your nap… consider choosing a private location for optimal rest- otherwise, you could be the main source of family entertainment on an otherwise boring winter afternoon.:-)  

Rick napping with a panda pillow pet. Yes, that is a Rapunzel hair clip on his hat, and a Rapunzel book on his chest.

 So, active vs. passive recovery- it’s your choice- there are benefits to both.:-)

  1. Cheryl Reed says:

    Toooooo cute!!!!!! Sorry I had to miss you guys yesterday. Couldn’t make it so did my 13 miles on Thurs…fortunately before these temps! See ya next Saturday!

  2. I have developed a habit since I started coaching of taking a nap after our long Saturday runs. I have fond memories of Rider sleeping on my chest when he was little. Macie Jo, as you can see, is quite different…she would rather place her toys around me when I’m completely unaware of her presence.

    I’m glad that you got your run in, Cheryl!

  3. Fran says:

    That is a great picture. There is the hair you asked about yesterday. Rest – You deserve it:)

  4. Fran,

    Macie Jo and Rider just helped me complete our weekly cleaning of the pellet stove. Now we’re going to practice yoga together and the remainder of the day will be devoted to rest. Lori will join us after her 14 mile run!


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