Time To Reflect

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Now that many of you are running our scheduled distances for the first time, it’s time to reflect how far you’ve come.   Look back to the moment that you first considered running the marathon.  It must seem so long ago since you’ve accomplished so much in just the past two months.  It has literally been less than two months since our first training run.

We’re not quite at the halfway point of our marathon preparation.  If you feel you’re behind schedule there’s plenty of time to make adjustments to get back on track.  Your primary objective should be to get to our 20 miler in relative good shape with minimal aches and pains.  All the small things that you should focus on collectively comprise your insurance policy for achieving this goal.

Many of you have mentioned you’ve already incorporated ice baths into your post run routine…I think this is an excellent idea.  This small investment of time and discomfort pays huge dividends with respect to recovery as well as preparing you for your next run.  It requires determination to endure one of the most counter-intuitive aspects of running (i.e., sitting in an ice bath for 10 minutes when you want to stand in a hot shower for an hour).  It’s always better to start with moderate water temperatures and gradually add ice.

I am convinced all of you are much more in tune with your bodies and are beginning to understand the signs you’re receiving.  The discussions that we have before and after our long runs have shown me that you’re becoming far more aware of what adjustments you need to make in order to manage the ever-changing way your body responds to the rigors of marathon training.  I have been through this process thousands of times with all the runners that I have coached.  And I can say unequivocally that you are the most sophisticated TEAM of runners that I have ever coached.  The questions and comments that we continuously discuss reflect your level of commitment that you have to this effort.

I also encourage you to reflect on ‘why’ you’ve decided to run the Boston Marathon for Access, Boston Debate League, Bottom Line, Jumpstart, Mass Mentoring Partnership, Museum of Science or Summer Search.  I’ve gone to each organizations TEAM website to read your profiles and your reasons for running Boston and I’m so encouraged and inspired by your commitment to raising funds to provide educational opportunities to the community each organization serves.

I can only hope that you have even a small appreciation and understanding of how much admiration that I have for you.  I understand how challenging it is to train for a marathon, particularly the Boston Marathon.  The weather has undoubtedly added a far greater degree of challenge also.  I know that if you reflect on how far you’ve come in just a few months, you will be inspired to maintain your commitment to your training and fundraising to ensure this is one of the most meaningful and empowering journeys of your life!

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