Time To Express Your Gratitude

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Now is the perfect time to assess how you are doing with your fundraising.  Running can be so consuming that you risk losing focus on ‘why’ you are running the Boston Marathon.  Reviewing the mission statement of the charity you are representing and integrating that message into your fundraising efforts will remind potential donors of the importance of contributing to you.

There are amazing success stories on many of the charities websites that comprise The Marathon Coalition TEAM.  You can  integrate these into your letters and e-mails.  Sending one group message via Facebook and e-mail, while extremely convenient, is not nearly as effective as sending individual solicitations.  Just yesterday I received over 10 ‘general’ solicitations from runners that I coached previously.  I can appreciate that the effort required to send individual messages seems monumental but it is undoubtedly far more effective.

You may also ask if the person you’re requesting support from would like you to run Boston in honor or in memory of someone in their life.  Promise them that you will carry that person’s name with you from Hopkinton to Boston.  It will make their contribution so much more meaningful to both of you and will likely strengthen your connection to them.  A few years ago a dear friend of ours passed unexpectedly.  John was an extremely accomplished runner and had completed Boston many times.  I contacted his wife and requested to run the 2009 Boston Marathon in his memory.  It was such a special moment when I met her and their two young sons in Wellesley.  I had a picture of John on the back of my singlet…that moment sustained me for the next 11 miles.

You should also consider sending hand-written thank you notes to everyone that has contributed to your fundraising.  When was the last time you receive a hand-written note?  I love to write but I feel it’s becoming a lost skill because of e-mail and texting.  Lori and I are determined that Macie and Rider will continue our tradition of ‘writing’ notes, letters and thank-you cards. 

Finally, I would save all the cards and e-mail messages that you receive from donors.  In the final days before the marathon, when you’re a bundle of nerves and know you should be resting rather than running, you can read these messages and be reminded of ‘why’ you’re running the Boston Marathon.  This will also provide a degree of motivation that will undoubtedly sustain you in the closing miles of the marathon! 

Now is the perfect time to give thanks to those that have stepped up on your behalf!

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