Race Ready (Posted by Lori)

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
The Hyannis Marathon and Half Marathon are Sunday and I’ve been looking forward to it all winter- I’m doing the half.  It’s not the best time of year to run a half, especially with a winter like we’ve had.  But, the way I look at it, the timing of this race has been beneficial to me in keeping me disciplined and accountable in my training when I otherwise would have said forget it.  It motivated me to get out on my snowshoes, which I haven’t done in years, along with our son, Rider, and enjoy the trails again.  This race is also not in the most convenient location for me- Hyannis is a two hour drive.  BUT, I get to visit with one of my most special friends, Anita, for an uninterrupted two hours during the drive down AND another two hours on the return.  I LOVE that!  The weather on race day is unpredictable, it could be cold, windy, or worse… we could have snow, sleet and freezing rain!  Big deal- give me something I haven’t run in before.:-)
 For me, the excitement of the day starts long before race morning, and I enjoy every minute of it.  The anticipation and preparation is all part of the package and I wouldn’t want to miss ANY of it. Pasta for dinner on Saturday. Weather check one last time, then set out my clothes and shoes.  Pack my “after the race” bag with a change of clothes (mostly fleece for warmth).  A tall glass of water before bed and lights out (whenever that may be).  Anita and I have our plan, we’re meeting at 6:30 AM- I’ll drive this year since Anita has to work late on Saturday- she’s a nurse and will be on her feet for a 12 hour shift, so maybe she’ll get a few more winks on the drive (doubt it:-). 
I don’t even hesitate when the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM to start the day.  I’m up, I down another glass of water, head to our barn to feed our horses, eat breakfast (banana), shower, dress and then we’re off,  like two gitty girls going to a party.  The race venue is always exciting- hundreds of runners milling around, stretching, warming up, laughning and talking race strategy- and lots of bagels, water bottles, and, of course, porta porties.  The energy is palpable.  Our routine is the same… drive, talk, drink (I always stop drinking 2 hours before a race), park, pick up race packets, pin numbers on, warm up, strip layers, warm up some more, head to the start, squish into the starting area with the rest of the field (at least it’s warm!), some announcements (can’t hear a word), the National Anthem of course, and BANG we’re off- well we will be in a minute, just got to get everyone out of my way!  Actually, I think I’m in THEIR way because everyone is passing ME!  That’s okay… I’ll catch ’em on the home stretch. 
What a lucky girl I am!:-)
  1. Beth Bonacci says:

    Hope you had a great run Sunday!!!
    I didn’t know you were running or I would have been there to cheer you on.
    Saturday I was at the Expo with a group of runners from the Cape Cod Athletic Club. You could have stayed at my cottage!!! Hope to see you soon xo

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