Charles Glick Profile: From 350lbs. To The Boston Marathon

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am always intrigued and inspired by the runners that I coach.  I briefly interacted with Charles Glick last Saturday when I decided to ride my bike during training in an effort to spend more time with each runner…I am so thankful I did.  Here are a few things that Charles shared with me:

Through my lobbying and consulting business, I have the honor of representing MMP and advancing the cause of “mentoring” to policy makers on Beacon Hill. I consider my marathon run to be another way to advocate and lobby for an outstanding organization and cause. I guess you go say that I am going the “extra mile” for one of our clients. But I really do believe that meaningful, quality relationships for our young people help to address issues such as the achievement gap, youth violence, and the school dropout rate, as well as the many other challenges youth face on a daily basis. It is my hope that my effort to run Boston will not only raise a small amount of philanthropy for a great cause, but encourage lawmakers to invest a much more significant amount of public money as well.

While this will be my fifth Boston Marathon, it will be my first marathon in 10 years. I often joke that it has been so long that and in some ways it feels (in all the places you feel after a long run) like someone else ran those races. A lot has happened in those 10 years, including surviving cancer. About seven years ago, I was diagnosed with a large malignant tumor (a sarcoma) under my left armpit. The doctors said that it had been growing for more than a year and was about the size of a softball. I had shoulder pain that I thought was a rotator cuff injury. When I saw my doctor to discuss the injury, he took one look at the lump under my arm and said, “Wow. What the hell is that? ” Lucky for me, I had access to great care (shout out to the MGH Cancer Center) and after radiation and surgery was declared cancer-free.

Finally, in many ways, this marathon will be the continuation of a journey I began twenty years ago when I chose to take my life into my own hands and through diet (Weight Watchers) and exercise lose a significant amount of weight. Just prior to moving to Boston, from LA, for graduate school in 1992, I weighed 350 pounds and had a size 54-inch waist. Back then, I couldn’t walk a flight a steps let alone run a marathon. God willing, (and thanks to fantastic coaching and support), I am prepared to run my fifth marathon and in the process help youth in need reach their full potential.

  1. What an amazing story, about a very amazing guy. Charles has been lead consultant for my non-profit organization on some very complicated legislative matters for the better part of 18 months. Over this brief period, we have seen significant, positive results. More importantly, we have witnessed Charles’ resilient, creative and deeply humane approach to the people and the causes that he supports. My organization and the missions that we pursue have gained immeasurably from his example of active compassion.

    • Peter,

      Thank you for your wonderful comments about Peter. I’m thrilled that you have also experienced some of Charles’ many amazing attributes. His discipline and determination to completely transform himself into a healthier person has benefited so many…including you and your non-profit. Your message has warmed my heart.

      Coach Rick

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