Let’s Run!

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am excited to be running 12 miles with the Marathon Coalition TEAM this morning.    We will run from mile 20 at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Centre Street to the fire station at Mile 17.  We will turn around and run the course to Mile 23 (Washington Street in Brookline) and return to the First Baptist Church on Beacon and Centre Streets.

Another highlight of today’s run is that I’ve invited a group of Team In Training runners that I formerly coached.  I never want to lose the connection that I have with some of the most amazing runners that I have coached.  The 12 years that I spent as head coach of Team In Training were instrumental in laying the foundation of my coaching methodology and philosophy.  Most importantly, the experience with TNT showed me the importance of serving others.  It changed how I viewed the world…it changed how I viewed myself.

My only regret while at Team In Training was that our best Boston Marathon TEAM came up slightly short of breaking the $1 million mark.  We raised $968,000.00 one year.  It was still an incredible accomplishment and I will be forever grateful and proud of them for that effort.  That money represented the gift of hope…the gift of life!  And I have no doubt there are people alive today because of them.

I’m looking forward to having them share today’s run with the Marathon Coalition TEAM.  My coaching today has brought me back the wonderful years of coaching in the beginning.  The collection of charities I’m currently coaching are more grassroots and appreciative of my coaching.  Big money certainly has a way of changing people and organizations.  They tend to become too political and focused on the bottom line.  Consequently they can completely lose sight of what allowed them to  accomplish those financial milestones in the first place.  I never want to be part of an environment that allows that to happen again.  Orgainizations are similar to people at times in that they have to learn lessons the hard way.

It’s heartwarming to see the benefits resulting from the Marathon Coalition fundraising.  I know that mentoring is one of the most noble efforts one can commit themselves to.  Providing educational opportunities to those long-deprived of them is every bit as important as developing a cure for cancer.  Both provide hope and a better life on so many levels.

I never thought my running would lead me down this path but I’ll be forever grateful for the experience.  I’ve developed relationships and friendships with the most incredible group of giving people.  I’ve been able to help thousands of runners achieve the incredible goal of completing a marathon and witnessed how that experience has changed and inspired them to pursue and accomplish far more than they ever imagined!

Most importantly, I’ve witnessed and been the recipient of inspiration that will sustain me for the balance of my life….let’s run!

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