Night Of Inspiration

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last evening was simply amazing!  We held our first pasta party for the Marathon Coalition runners, their families and friends.  I cherish meeting everyone that has provided support, encouragement and inspiration to every member of the TEAM.  It’s also a perfect opportunity to quell the runner’s anxiety associated with the unknown and anticipation of the marathon.

Being the coach of the 7 education-based charities has revived my love of running and coaching.  I feel just as I did when I first began running 35 years ago.  Because of the Marathon Coalition runners I’m so excited to build my running back from ground zero.  My goals far exceed qualifying for Boston so I look forward to embarking on this new running journey.  And I’ve never been more committed to being the best coach a runner has ever had!

I am proud of the Marathon Coalition charities for being so mindful of the funds each runner raises.  We held our pasta dinner at the First Baptist Church in Newton Centre where we trained every Saturday.  The amount a charity raises is not nearly important as how they utilize and dispense it.   Total money raised minus the related expenses reflects the ‘true’ impact those dollars have in providing hope to the people who benefit. 

The comments and feedbacks I received from runners, their families and friends, and even the Razoo staff that provides the platform for our fundraising efforts; will be forever etched in my heart.  The ultimate validation of the impact my coaching has is the countless interaction I have with my runners and the belief that I instill in them that they can accomplish far more than they ever imagined.  They then go out and live their lives in that spirit and act on that belief.

Nothing significant in life is ever accomplished alone.  I would like to thank the entire staff of Access, Boston Debate League, Bottom Line, Jumpstart, Mass Mentoring Partnership and Summer Search for their tireless work this year and ensuring each runner received all the necessary support to exceed their fundraising goals.  I would also like to thank everyone for allowing me to focus on just being a coach…that is not as easy or simple as it sounds!

Finally, I would like to thank my family.  Lori, Rider and Macie are my foundation.  Because of their love I am a much better and more complete person.  Lori’s example has had a far greater impact on my coaching and the manner in which I live my life than she will ever realize.  She has stood in my shadow for far too long when we coached together for 12 years at Team In Training and continues to today…I’m committed to changing that.  She surprised everyone with a slide show that captured the essence of this amazing journey that we’ve shared the past 5 months.

90% of the excitement of training for Boston will occur tomorrow.  I am so excited to play a small role in the Marathon Coalition runners accomplishing such a significant goal.  One that has required more of them than they likely expected…but the reward will be commensurate…a life-changing accomplishment and experience!

I will see you at the finish line!  Go TEAM!

  1. Cheryl Reed says:

    Thank you for everything, Rick. And, thank you for making my family feel so welcomed last night! My husband and children really enjoyed the evening, and it made them finally feel a part of tomorrow. They were all so impressed with everyone, especially your motivational words and inspiration as a coach. I’m happy that the Coalition had the dinner this year, because it was a great way to end training and begin Marathon day!

  2. Hello Cheryl,

    Our pasta party was wonderful and it was a pleasure to finally meet your family. I agree the dinner was a great finish to our training and a perfect segue for the marathon.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you finish Boston tomorrow.

    Your Coach,


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