Running Makeover

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m in a period of transition with my running. I still have the enthusiasm and commitment to continue in the direction that I’ve been heading with respect to racing and coaching goals, but I also feel I need to take a major step back and conduct a realistic self-assessment. My life and my running seem to have gotten unexpectedly busy and complicated and that’s had an effect on my running.

Time seems to trump commitment and organization every time so I need to establish new priorities, attempt to manage my time more effectively and learn to say no. My desire it to always help as many people as I possibly can…that’s been a driving force in my life and my coaching. But I recognize that I need to take a major step back and re-evaluate what is most important in my family life, work, coaching, and fitness. Coaching undoubtedly takes a considerable amount of time, particularly since most of the runners I coach are first time marathoners and require a lot of support and reassurance. This effort takes time from my work and my family. I feel like I’m fast becoming the Jack of All Trades and the Master of None…that’s not a good position for me as I thrive on excellence.

So my plan is to return to the basics in all facets of my life. I’m going to try to spend more quality time with my family. An evening walk provides time to reconnect with Lori, Macie and Rider. I also want to celebrate the small things like Macie losing her first tooth yesterday and what that meant to her. I asked her how much she thought the tooth ferry would leave under her pillow and she responded, “I think $40.00!” She fell asleep wondering how big the tooth ferry is and that she was concerned about her arrival…priceless. This morning she wondered if she was teensy weensy or just little?

Lori continues to do incredible work with the Grafton Land Trust in their effort to preserve open space for future generations to enjoy. I want to be sure to celebrate her accomplishments. Rider can easily be taken for granted because he’s just so consistent and nothing he does ever alarms or surprises us. He’s destined for great things in his life.

And while the Boston Marathon is over, I still communicate with many of the runners and help them with their next BIG goal. I have also become more connected with the charities that I have coached or am currently coaching. I spent an incredible morning at the Museum of Science yesterday learning more about the proposed Hall of Human Life exhibit that will be opening in the next 1-2 years. It promises to be the most relevant, applied and popular exhibit at the Museum of Science. The focus will be on bringing the scientific method to the general public in an extremely personalized way. The theme will be that humans are changing as a result of a changing environment. Dr. Tim Johnson, former ABC News Medical Director, outlined the importance of health care reform prior to the tour of the exhibit. People need to be educated and understand how the human body works and the effect technology and the environment have on our quality of life.

Next week I’ll be speaking at the Perry K-8 School in South Boston as part of Boston Partners in Education Big Cheese Reads program…it’s their signature academic mentoring campaign. The goal is to reinforce the excitement of reading and inspire these students to commit themselves to learning. I will also bring the Olympic Torch that I carried in the 2004 Olympic Torch Relay which is something they’re always excited to hold. I will be pleased if my presentation inspires just one student to dream BIG.

In order to accomplish all the goals that result from my ongoing self-assessment, my health, wellness and fitness have to be at the center of my effort. Completely rebuilding my fitness routine excites me more than running another marathon, although that will certainly be one of my goals. Getting healthier and more fit through better nutrition, yoga and consistent training is my top priority. The quality of my life exponentially improves with a greater commitment in each of these areas.

I am living an incredible life and simply don’t want to take any part of it for granted. I’m determined to be the best that I possibly can. I’m so dedicated to a major revision of my running and what it means to me and the runners that I coach. The status quo or the quagmire of mediocrity are not anything I want any part of…stay tuned for daily updates on how this process is progressing!

I hope that your running is fulfilling and enjoyable!

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