Night Of Tribute

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lori and I shared a wonderful evening at the Massachusetts School Of Professional Psychology 2011 Gala, Supporting The Lucero Legacy! It is always inspiring to be with people who have dedicated their lives to serving others. The MSPP community is filled with people who place the needs of others before theirs.

When we lost Cynthia at the 2002 Boston Marathon our lives were immediately placed in turnmoil, confusion and grief. Losing such a close friend, an amazingly inspiring person, at such a young age was entirely unexpected. But the MSPP community immediately circled the wagons of support, hope and love and we found ourselves in the middle; being looked after just as Cynthia cared for others in her all too brief life.

We have been blessed with their support and friendship for over 9 years. Last evening was another reminder that we have to continue to support the work that MSPP is conducting throughout the world in Cynthia’s spirit and memory.

Lori and I are also blessed with friends that are ALWAYS there for us. We try to always give more than we take and not ask for anything unless it’s really needed. Supporting the Dr. Cynthia Lucero Run/Walk each year and a Gala every 5 years is at the top of our list. There is a core group of people who is ALWAYS there to respond to our request for support. They are the shining example of the type of person I would like to be…their tireless and selfless example inspires me to be more kind, considerate and dedicated improving the lives of others.

They embody the adage that any life worth living must include serving others. I would like the thank the entire MSPP community and this core group of friends for enriching our lives beyond our greatest hope!

Cythinia would be proud!

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