Start Saving For The Things Money Can’t Buy

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

I spent a wonderful afternoon recently visiting a friend in Birmingham, Alabama. Our visit reminded me of the importance of enjoying family, great health and having hope. I met Gary during my visit to Confederate Motorcycle Company in Birmingham several years ago and I was intrigued by him the moment we met. He was wearing bib overalls, completely tattooed and had an amazing spirit. We’ve remained in regular contact in the subsequent years.

Gary has lost most of his material possessions as he committed himself to his infant son’s battle with a brain tumor. I met his son, Elijah, as we strolled through the Barber Motorsports Museum. I paid little attention to the hundreds of exotic motorcycles as we caught up on so many things that afternoon. I was so taken by his commitment to his son and daughter and the passion in which he lives his life. He has committed himself to the fight against pediatric cancer in such an admirable way.

At the conclusion of our visit I shared with him how much I admire how he’s handled the past several years and all the challenges his family has encountered. His spirit and commitment to making such a significant difference in the world and lives of so many is so inspirational. His example and focus will serve as a constant reminder to enjoy the blessings in my life and not be bothered by small things I have absolutely no control over.

Money cannot buy the most important things in life…particularly hope, health and happiness…and friends like Gary Seritt Jr.!

  1. Thanks for sharing this Rick. Well written and very meaningful. Btw – happy belated birthday!
    Hugs to all…

  2. Anita says:

    Good Morning Rick~
    Over the past 4 years I have met many people and have had many experiences that make me realize how great my life is and how many wonderful and inspiring people there are in the world. Sometimes the unhappy people scream their miseries the loudest but the ones who walk gently on this earth, whispering their prayers, are the ones who should be heard.

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