It’s Not Too Early To Begin Preparing For The 2012 Boston Marathon!

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

There’s no time like the present to begin training for the 2012 Boston Marathon! Gradually building an endurance base of LSD (Long Slow Distance) will provide numerous benefits over the long haul.

Incorporating consistency and moderation in the early stages of your Boston Marathon plan will serve you well throughout training. Gradually building your mileage base will allow your body to acclimate to the rigors of marathon training and minimize the risk of injury. Too many charity runners wait until training officially begins and don’t have the mileage base necessary to place the odds in their favor for a positive marathon experience.

This is the best time to run in New England. The cooler temperatures and the changing leaves are the first sign that the time is approaching to begin preparing for the Boston Marathon. Leave your GPS and iPod at home and find a local trail to explore. Reconnect with friends by inviting them on a trail run and a healthy and hearty lunch afterwords. The early stages of marathon preparation are the most enjoyable and least stressful as the marathon is still months away and you can focus on just enjoying the pure simplicity of running.

Map out a general training plan and list your goals for training and the actual marathon. Having realistic short-term goals will allow you to more easily attain your ultimate marathon goals. Identify the areas where you know you are the weakest and devise a plan to address and rectify each area. For instance, many runners are intimidated by hills and, consequently, don’t run them very well. Those runners should include more hill repeats into their training and focus on maintaining their form throughout their hill workout. Gaining confidence in an otherwise daunting area of your running can be transformational and empowering.

Don’t allow the 2012 Boston Marathon to be on par with previous marathons. You are going to invest a lot of time and effort to prepare for Boston…be strategic and purposeful with your training to recieve the greatest return on your investment.

The 2012 Boston Marathon will be here much sooner than you realize!

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