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We had our national sales meeting in Providence, Rhode Island this past week.  The days began extremely early and ended late which prevented me from posting.  However I am recommitted to getting back on track with regular updates.

Lori and I attended several holiday parties last night in Boston and Grafton but still managed to complete 10 hilly miles in Grafton this morning.  The closing miles were filled with thoughts of Lori’s warm oatmeal, a Bananarama (i.e., bananas, yogurt, peanut butter and ice) and a complete session of stretching in front of the fireplace.

Running in the morning is the perfect start to the day and makes everything else throughout the day more pleasant.  I’m looking forward to visiting my favorite city in the country this week.  Austin, Texas is simply incredible.  They undoubtedly have the best Whole Foods in the country and within a mile is Lance Armstrong’s bike shop (Mellow Johnny’s) and Luke’s Locker, a great running/fitness store.  I always stay in a beautiful hotel in downtown Austin and stock my room with great meals from Whole Foods.  I’ll run along the lake each morning and encounter hundreds of extremely fit people…a seismic departure from the unhealthy people I encounter when I travel.

My priorities for the week are to eat healthy, get plenty of rest, run consistently and put my best effort into my work.  I’ll be in Austin, San Antonio, Killeen, Texas as well as Birmingham, Alabama.  Next week I’ll spend 3 days in Denver and 2 in Boise, Idaho.  Although I NEVER want to be apart from Lori, Macie Jo and Rider, at least I’m able to experience some amazing destinations.  I’m determined to make it to Eugene and Beaverton, Oregon soon to run on Pre’s trail and visit Nike.

I’m so excited to have training underway for the 2012 Boston Marathon.  We’ve had two great sessions so far and I look forward to our weekly meetings up until the marathon.  I enjoy meeting all the new runners and learning what their goals are and helping them to achieve them.  I feel blessed to still have such a high degree of interest and enthusiasm for my coaching and hope to coach long enough to train Rider and share his first marathon with him.  The reality that I will likely be in my early 60’s is a concern with respect to keeping up with him 🙂

I appreciate your following my blog and, again, you have my recommitment to post more regularly.

  1. Janet Smith says:


    I’ve enjoyed the two Saturday runs–so much easier and more fun to run with other people.
    Here’s my question: I’ve been running 4x/week for a month and am ready for more miles than the week of 12/11 calls for. Basically, I’m getting bored with 3 and 4 mile runs and I want to up the Tuesday and/or Thursday runs to 5 miles. What’s the guidance for increasing daily runs/weekly totals?

    • Hello Janet,

      There are two basic rules to follow regarding increasing your mileage without risking injury:

      1. Don’t increase your longest run in the last 7-10 days by more than 2 miles.

      2. Don’t increase your weekly mileage my more than 10%.

      I would encourage you to incorporate some faster or interval type running rather than simply increasing your mileage. Most runners stay within an extremely narrow range of effort during training and ultimately don’t benefit greatly from simply extending their mileage. You’ll be far better served by incorporating higher internsity into your shorter runs. Be careful not to run hard on consecutive days.

      Your Coach,


  2. Laura Gassner Otting says:

    I ran with the Superfeet for the first time yesterday. Fantastic!

    • Hello Laura,

      Thank you for letting me know that you’re happy with your Super Feet insoles…I love mine as well. This is one area that can dramatically improve the fit and feel of your running shoes.

      Coach Rick

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