Setting Realistic Goals

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Setting realistic goals for the New Year will allow you to avoid disappointment.  It’s far more effective to prioritize your goals and focus on the Top 3.  Some of the more common resolutions for runners are:

  • Be more consistent with training
  • Improve nutrition by eating a well-balanced diet and avoid foods that are processed and high in sugar
  • Improve flexibility
  • Focus on running more efficiently

Ironically, these are going to be my goals for 2012.  I’m looking forward to my best year of running.  I may not be running as fast as I once did, but I can certainly garner as much enjoyment from running as I ever have.  It’s also important to be a great role model for the runners I coach so that’s additional incentive to focus on the aforementioned areas.

Keeping a journal has always been an effective method of assessing my running and making the requisite adjustments.  My daily journal entry includes:

  • Total Miles Run
  • Course Description and Location
  • Average Pace
  • Average and Maximum Heart Rate.
  • Weight
  • Hours Slept
  • Rank Each Run On A Scale Of 1-10 (10 being the most difficult)
  • General Comments About Each Run And My Attitude

It’s important to accept the reality that you’ll have setbacks and disappointments.  How you respond to them will determine how effective you are in achieving your goals for 2012.

The recipe for success is establishing realistic goals, developing a strategy steeped in reason and having dogged determination in your pursuit of achieving them.

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