Managing Abundance

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

I constantly caution runners not to waste energy during their runs, particularly in the beginning.  I’ve stood at the starting line of the Boston Marathon countless times and saw experienced marathoners whooping and hollering in the starting corral.  I’ve made mental notes of these runners as I inevitably will pass them later in the race as they’re walking dejectedly on the side of the road after mile 20.

I am sure they would love to have some of that energy back  to sustain them in the final miles they so carelessly wasted before the start.  Whether it’s the starting line of the Boston Marathon or your daily run all by yourself, you will NEVER have more energy during your run as when you start…you simply will experience a loss of energy from beginning to end.

It’s important to be mindful of this during your training runs as it prepares you to be calm before important races.  The runners that have an aura of calmness before races understand the importance of energy conservation and managing abundance.  These are the runners that experience peak performance.

This concept applies not only to energy.  When we have abundance in any form we tend to be wasteful.  We tend to be less focused on the value of time at the beginning of a vacation than we are in the final days where we want to make every moment count.  In a marathon we are far more concerned about time in the closing miles than you are at the start.

You’ll enjoy training and racing far more if you manage your energy by being conservative  from the beginning.  Treat energy as the valuable resource that it is and you’ll maintain your form throughout your runs, lessening your risk of injury and, more importantly, you’ll experience a higher degree of satisfaction and enjoyment from your running!

  1. Rick,
    I love your example of the runners whooping and hollering at the beginning of a race- it always make me laugh! This is so germain to the marathon, and thank you for emphasizing how important energy management really is. as my former high school and track coaches always would say- “save it til the end” “pace yourself” “kick it in at the end of the race”

    • Good Morning Terri,

      Thank you for your response and insight. It’s always astonished me that runners waste so much energy in the starting corral. I realize it’s difficult to manage the excitement but you would think they would realize they’re simply sitting at a red light with their foot on the acellerator and brake simulataneously.

      I look forward to seeing you at training tomorrow!


  2. Alexis Avila says:

    Thanks Coach Rick,

    Is it ok to listen to music while running? Or is this an example of a time-waster/distractor. I’m pretty sure there aren’t iPods allowed during the Marathon so maybe its better to start a new habit of music free running now rather than later. Thoughts?


    • Hello Alexis,

      I normally listen to music when I run because I am so inspired and moved by certain music. I don’t listen to an iPod when I’m coaching for obvius reasons. Surprisingly the B.A.A. does allow iPods during the marathon but I don’t recommend them. You want to enjoy all the unique sounds from Hopkinton to Boston, particularly those directed specifically at YOU!

      I look forward to seeing you at training in the morning!

      Your Coach,


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