Where Will You Be On April 16, 2012?

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized


Hopefully you will be making the journey from Hopkinton to Boston on the 116th running of the Boston Marathon!  Patriot’s Day likely seems extremely far away as we find ourselves in the first stretch of sub-freezing temperatures this winter and it’s nearly 3 months away .  It will assuredly arrive sooner than we expect.  Consequently, it’s time to focus your attention on your preparation for what promises to be one of the most significant days of your life!

Far too many runners lose their focus during this stage of training and pay the greatest price by enduring unnecessary stress in the weeks before the marathon.  Consistency and moderation in your approach to training are the keys to success.  It’s vitally important to hit the weekly mileage totals outlined in my training schedule.  If you suffer a setback in your training please don’t try to make up for lost training time in one fell swoop.

Your primary focus should be on remaining injury-free by warming up properly before each run, cooling down gradually and stretching after each run, staying hydrated, eating well and getting sufficient rest.  All the small things add up collectively to a formula of success.  Training for a marathon isn’t rocket science but it does require diligence, discipline and determination beyond the scope of most major challenges.

Nevertheless, the return on investment is beyond measure.  Imagine what you will feel like as you stand in the starting corral of the 116th Boston Marathon and you take a deep breath and contemplate how the day will unfold.  The new’s helicopters will be flying overhead, you will likely hear languages you can’t identify, you will experience feelings and emotions that are entirely foreign to you, you’ll beam with pride during the playing of the national anthem, the fighter jets will make a final pass overhead and you’ll soon be underway.

Hopefully you’ll find the time during your trek from Hopkinton to Boston to comtemplate the significant difference you’re making in the lives of others…to provide them more hope for a better future.  Any life worth living has to include compassion for others and a dogged determination to pay whatever price to make sure those less fortunate are provided a similar opportunity to pursue their dreams.

As you crest Heartbreak Hill and begin to believe you will actually make it to the finish line on Boylston Street, I hope you enjoy every sight, smell and sound during the final 5 miles of the marathon.  Because, although your efforts during the past 5 months have been focused on serving others, today is YOUR day!  The Boston Marathon will change you in unbelievably significant ways.  When you take the final right onto Hereford Street and the left onto Boylston Street, that will be the closest you will likely ever come to being a rock star.  The noise is incredible and every person standing on the sidewalk is beaming with pride and wishing they were you!

Your family and friends will be jumping up and down and screaming with pride!  And your coach will be filled with uncontrollable emotion and more admiration for you than you could ever imagine…and hope that when you cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon that it really isn’t the finish line for you…that it’s actually the first step of a long journey of believing you can make a significant difference in the world.  Because you just proved that you can!

I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend and, most importantly, I look forward to sharing April 16, 2012 with you!


  1. Andrea Martin says:

    This is so inspirational! I had tears in my eyes! Thank you Coach!

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