Post-Run Happiness

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I didn’t run with the Marathon Coalition TEAM yesterday because I wanted to take pictures of all the runners.  Lori creates a wonderful presentation for our pasta party each year and it’s largely comprised of training pictures.  Taking pictures allows me to also spend more time with each runner. 

I was joined by John Ryan (Development Director at the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club of Newton) who actually took all the pictures and allowed me to interact with the runners.  I learned that John is extremely passionate about helping others and, among his incredible dedication to providing opportunities for others, serves on the board of directors of a homeless and hunger prevention organization.  He grew up in a single-parent home and benefited from his involvement with his local boys & girls club…so he brings firsthand experience to his role with the Newton Boys & Girls Club.

It’s always wonderful to interact with the Marathon Coalition runners at the conclusion of each run.  When you see the look of accomplishment and happiness on the runner’s faces below (Left to Right: Jennifer, Coach Rick, Andrea and Claire), you can understand why running can be so addicting and why I enjoy coaching and supporting my runners so much!

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