Enjoy The Journey!

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Everything in life will seem easier after completing the Boston Marathon…but only the complacent will find  any comfort in this.  Most runners, particularly charity runners, will be inspired by the experience and will embark on even greater challenges and accomplishments.

I’ve never understood having a bucket list for the sake of simply checking things off to say I’ve experienced or accomplished them.  I would rather experience all the Boston Marathon offers and not  rush through the journey just to say I did it.  Runners that focus on the destination…the finish line of the Boston Marathon…miss out on the most meaningful aspect of the entire experience…the journey.  

The journey is what defines the experience.  The daily challenges of preparing for each run teaches discipline and the importance of sacrifice and commitment.  The reward is becoming healthier, more fit and getting together with the Marathon Coalition TEAM each Saturday to share in a common effort and to be reminded of the most important aspect of this journey…to provide opportunities that will improve the lives of so many!

Yes, I know that crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon is the crown jewel and having the finisher’s medal is a prized possession.  But those that enjoy the journey will not view Boylston Street as the finish line.  The finish line will actually be the beginning of a much longer journey of believing you can make an even more significant difference in the world! 


  1. David Brown says:

    I agree, Rick. My best memories are of the activities and relationships built leading up to the Marathon. That and the cause are what kept me coming back.

  2. David,

    I will always cherish our time together and be forever grateful for your considerable contributions.


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