The Importance Of Time

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had the pleasure of working with one of my Marathon Coalition runners at the MIT track recently.  He’s unable to attend our Saturday training so I wanted to comprehensively cover every aspect of preparing for the Boston Marathon.   My session with Ed was an important reminder of the importance of time…of being completely in the moment.  He had 100% of my attention!

The focal point of my coaching has been running efficiency and form.  If you’re able to run efficiently you can maintain your form throughout your runs, minimize the risk of injury and enjoy running far more.  He provided great feedback and provided the following testimonial.

I’ve decided to add a ‘Transform Your Running’ component to my coaching.  It will consist of a private 90 minute session for $100 (the average cost of a pair of running shoes) .  I hope you will also check out Ed’s website at the end of his testimonial.  He’s a professional musician and has an impressive list of accomplishments.

 I had the privilege of a 90 minute coaching session with Rick, in preparation for my first (Boston) marathon.  I’m a professional musician.  I’ve never been very athletic, and although I’ve been on a personal journey of physical fitness for the past three years, including becoming a power yoga teacher, and doing my first triathlon, I don’t have a lifetime base of fitness to build on.  So, I run pretty slow averaging a 10 minute long distance pace, with 8-9 minute miles happening here and there – it’s a challenge.

 I was immediately taken with Rick’s enthusiasm and passion and “embodiment” of running, meaning that it is a way of life and not just an activity.  I’ve worked with some of the world’s best musicians from time to time and was able to see an immediate parallel in Rick. With a flash of a smile, you could see the zeal as he delivered one pithy kernel of wisdom after another.  He communicated these in such a clear way that you could duplicate and immediately apply each one – a hallmark of great artists and teachers.

 In one meeting Rick was able to download to me, a basically self-taught runner, salient and essential points covering the entire compass of running.  Particularly, his fine points on efficient running form were exceptionally helpful.  Without going into detail or trying to deliver the lesson here, I can say that on my very next long run, applying what points of Rick’s coaching that I could apply immediately, I was able to run, with no walking, 20 miles in relative comfort, and was able to take about 30 minutes off my overall time compared to the last time I went that distance.  Its hard to make more of a case for this style of efficiency than that. It was immediately effective.

My take on this is that the slower you run, the harder it is to run, and the longer you have to run.  This is especially true in my case.  So, where this becomes most important is on the back end of a long run when you’re tired and your form deteriorates. Efficiency and form become even more vital and make a bigger difference in over all time and effort.  In other words, what matters is how well you run when you’re exhausted, or how long you keep  a solid form.

 Also, Rick is able to deliver a great deal of confidence through his teaching and approach.  As a musician, I’ve often had to assimilate new styles of music.  Each time I do, I go from being the expert to being a novice.  Its easy to lose your confidence when exposed like that.  So, its easy as a musician or other professional to just settle for “kind of running” rather than being a capable runner.  Rick dispelled this notion, underscoring the idea that if you’re going to do it, its worth doing well, expertly, or even professionally: and you CAN!”

Ed “Horsefly” Broms






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