Anything But Average!

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am astonished by the level of mediocrity in our Society!  I simply don’t understand why most people don’t ask and demand more of themselves.  We seem to have lost our fighting spirit and have settled for far less than we ever imagined.  One of the primary reasons that I have been interested in and enjoyed being a running coach for charity runners is that I’m constantly reminded that not everyone has succumbed to this quagmire of complacency!

I believe that any life worth living has to include serving others…a lesson that I learned in the most difficult way imaginable.  Being consumed by selfishness most of my life, it was a revelation beyond measure to learn my needs could be more than taken care of once I focused on the needs of others.  Charity runners embody this spirit and live it every day of their lives…not just on the day of the Boston Marathon.  Their example of service and compassion has inspired me to pursue their level of commitment to others.  And while the Boston Marathon will conclude in less than a month…the impact the Marathon Coalition runners have had on my life with continue well beyond the finish line on Boylston Street…it will last forever!


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