Boston Marathon-Let The Taper Begin!

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

We will begin our tapering phase of training in earnest this weekend with a 12 mile run.  Our course will also avoid as many hills as possible in an effort to allow your body to recover as much as possible.  We’ll run primarily out Beacon Street and back to accomplish this.

Although we’re significantly reducing our overall mileage, it’s important to maintain your intensity.  You don’t want to become sluggish my going completely into a dormant state.  You should also reduce other cross training activities at a similar rate (i.e., 20% first week, 40% second week and 60% the final week).  Another important change is to adjust your caloric intake so it’s commensurate with your physical activity.

One of the biggest challenges during the tapering phase is occupying your mind.  You should review the Boston Marathon Checklist that I have posted here previously and start organizing everything you expect to need for marathon weekend.  This is also an ideal time to send handwritten thank you notes to all your donors.  These notes are far more meaningful to everyone that has supported you.  It’s also beneficial to review the notes of support and encouragement that you’ve received.  They are extremely motivating and serve as an important reminder of the significance of the difference you are making in the lives of so many.

I’m so proud to be your coach and look forward to sharing the most exciting weeks of our training as the Boston Marathon approaches!

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