Beyond The Boston Marathon!

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Transitioning back to a ‘normal’ life after 5 months of training culminating in the Boston Marathon is not as easy as one would expect.  Although I’m not making the weekly trek into Boston to train, which would consume most of my Saturday, there’s still a lot of time spent with follow-up with each of my runners.

Thankfully, I’ve connected with many of them on Facebook and can now continue our relationship beyond the training season.  Life is too precious to lose contact with such wonderful friends.  I’m impressed by how many have already decided to run another marathon.  I’ve been asked to provide a modified version of my Boston training to support their marathon preparation.  It’s encouraging this group didn’t fall into the ‘one and done’ group that needed to check this amazing accomplishment off their bucket list.

My goal each year is to instill a love of running in every runner.  Not one that necessarily involves continuing to run marathons or even racing.  But to enjoy all the benefits a running life provides.  There is certainly no physical activity that provides a greater sense of accomplishment.  I’ve always said the best part of running is stopping.  Not because it’s painful or miserable, but because the post-run feeling is the best!  Running also connects you more to nature, particularly if you include trail running in your routine.  Sharing a run with friends makes each run even more enjoyable.  Running also allows you to explore and sort through your inner most thoughts.  It helps to work out problems, to identify areas in your life that need attention and develop strategies for simplifying the complexity of life.

So when a group of runners that I’ve trained show immediate enthusiasm and interest in taking their running to new levels…I’m eager to help support them!

  1. Marissa says:

    Your mission is certainly accomplished with this girl! You have 100% instilled a love and passion for running in me that will continue on with me for the rest of my life. I have said to so many people over the past few weeks that completing the Boston Marathon is the biggest accomplishment of my life. That comes as a shock to some people since I haven’t exactly been sitting around the past 26 years. Reason being, it’s the one thing in my life I absolutely never thought I could do. Conquering what once seemed unattainable… now that’s living! 🙂 The marathon has left me feeling proud, humbled, and an extreme sense of gratitude. So grateful for this experience and to have been able to share it with such wonderful people. Thank you for everything Coach Rick!

    • Marissa,

      Thank you so much for offering your insight. I’m thrilled that this was such a significant accomplishment for you.

      You are absolutely right, ‘conquering what seemed unattainable…now that’s living!’

      I am so proud of you and hope you realize how grateful I am for your considerable contributions to the Marathon Coalition.


  2. Mags says:

    Friday night I got home from work at 6, and literally sat in my comfy chair with my marathon jacket and medal until 9 just sort of lost. The TV was on but I didn’t really watch it. It was weird not to have a picture in my head of what’s next. But I snapped out of it. I did what my mother taught me and I cleaned. I cleaned up some of the collage-like stuff that was out in my dining room the weekend before the marathon and for some reason this helped me. I put it in the same room where I keep my running shoes, foam roller, running stick and clothes. At some point I’ll tack up the mylar blanket and bib up on my “inspiration station wall.” I did 90 minutes of core strengthening yoga, went for a run the next day and my post marathon blues are officially gone. I feel as excited and motivated as I did that first month of training, I’m all fired up to keep getting faster and stronger! Thanks for everything coach!

    • Maggie,

      I’m so glad the Marathon Blues are now offically gone and that you’re back on track with your excitment and determination.

      I loved the picture of you approaching the finish line…Go TEAM!


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