Remembering Fulvio Abela June 1958-October 2012

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Fulvio was taken from us far too soon.  But he had an impact on the world that goes well beyond any measure of success.  He established a benchmark of loving and living that we should all strive to achieve.  And even if we come up short…we will have far exceeded the expectation, by a wide margin, of our greatest ambition and achievement.

  1. Chris Aucella says:

    As I have previously stated, he was very unique in the sense he was a genuine human being in the way he cared and would take the time to ask how you were doing and wait for your response. I will truly miss our encounters and encouragement on the marathons we have run together. He was taken away too soon, I was born two months before him, so it was way too soon. In every marathon and event in life that comes up, his spirit will always be there to guide me.

    • Hello Chris,

      We were all born within 3 months apart. In addition to that commonality, we shared a passion for running and serving others. We’ve lost a brother in arms. As prior military, we need to honor him by living our lives in his spirit. I know you will go beyond the ‘call of duty’ to accomplish that.



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