Time Of Reflection

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had plenty of time to think during my 11 hour drive to Virginia today.  The past 6 weeks have been extremely challenging in that I’ve lost 3 iconic friends, so unexpectedly and suddenly.  As I navigate the cycle of grief I realize that I have changed.  I need to circle the wagons around focusing on the important things and people in my life.  I need to become closer to the people who support and inspire me.

I am more committed to honoring the legacy of Kevin, Fulvio and Marisa by living in their example.  I know that I have fallen short several times recently but I am determined to move forward in their spirit.  I need to pursue the high standard they have established with the same determination and tenacity that I once pursued marathon times.  The honorable way they lived their lives will be my True North!

The Marathon Coalition Kick-Off is scheduled for November 27th and I look forward to that evening on several levels.  Coaching charity runners has been one of the highest honors in my life.  I am humbled by their example of serving others.  That evening I will meet people who will become lifelong friends and whom will inspire me to be a better person.   Their determination and dedication to improving the lives of others will also inspire me to continue on my personal journey of honoring my mother’s memory.

I will give the 2013 Marathon Coalition TEAM my best effort as a coach…they deserve nothing less.


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