The Marathon Coalition’s Newest Coach!

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Greg and Dawn Guarriello after completing Ironman Wisconsin!

I am so pleased that Greg Guarriello will be joining the Marathon Coalition as our newest coach.  In an effort to manage our considerable and unexpected growth,  it was necessary to add an additional coach to make sure we continue to give every runner the time, attention and support they deserve as they raise funds for the 13 Marathon Coalition charities and prepare for the 2013 Boston Marathon.  That was the easy decision.

The bigger challenge was to recruit a coach that has the athletic credentials, compassion for serving others, and extensive experience in the charity running community; a unique combination to say the least.  I also needed someone who has great people skills that I could trust to pass the torch to when I decide to end my charity coaching career.  I’m beginning my 17th year of coaching and, while my enthusiasm is a great as ever, I need a transition plan in place.  The pool of candidates that possesses these unique skills is relatively small.  However,  the decision is as difficult as though there were 1,000 candidates.  But Greg made the decision much easier because he stands alone on all that he’s accomplished the past 9 years in the aforementioned arena.

Greg has completed 11 marathons and over 80 triathlons (from sprint distance to 2 Ironman finishes).  He brings a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of preparing for endurance events.  Lori and I trained Greg for the 2004 Boston Marathon with Team In Training.  He’s remained involved with and committed to the charity running community in the subsequent years.

The Marathon Coalition is so fortunate to have Greg joining our TEAM!

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