The Importance Of Quiet Time

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

It can be extremely difficult to find quiet time.  But it is one of the greatest gifts you can provide yourself…particularly at the beginning of each day.  Waking up to an alarm clock can be the beginning of an extremely anxiety filled and disruptive day.  If you rely on an alarm clock each morning, go to sleep 15 minutes earlier and set your alarm 15 minute earlier and spend those 15 minutes on yourself.

You can plan your day out and prioritize the things you want to accomplish.  You can assess how you spent the day before and identify areas you would like to improve.  Spending this brief time performing a few yoga exercises will certainly begin your day on a positive note.  Simply taking a few minutes to meditate and focusing all the positive aspects of your life is the perfect beginning to a new day.

Our days are so filled with tasks and responsibilities that we never feel there’s enough time in the day, particularly for ourselves.  But spending just a few quiet minutes in the morning to focus our thoughts, prioritize our day and to physically stretch our bodies is the perfect beginning to every day!

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