Track Workout

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I completed a track workout just before I lost the last glimmer of light.  I was running on the new Grafton High School track and was the only runner using this multi-million dollar facility…I didn’t seem worthy.  Fog began rolling in as I was completing my last mile repeat and provided a calmness to another great workout.  I love running on the track.  Having fewer distractions allows me to focus on practicing proper and efficient technique.

I completed a 50 mile and 62 mile run on the previous track which was in desperate need of replacement.  I am determined to complete a 100 mile run on this new track but I have a full racing schedule to complete beforehand.

I will begin the year with a 5K in Whitinsville with Lori and Rider.  I will then focus on the New Bedford half-marathon.  I last ran this race in 1997 and ran 1:20:50 (6:10 min. pace).  I would like to run 1:25  (6:30 min. pace) in March.  This will be a tune-up for the Providence Marathon in May.  I’m committed to keeping my running streak alive of qualifying for Boston in 31 consecutive marathons over 5 decades.  My qualifying time for Boston is now 3:30 (8:00 min. pace) and will go to 3:40 (8:25 min. pace).

My first 24 marathons were all sub 3:00 hour efforts and would love to approach that milestone again.  It will take a herculean effort to complete another marathon under 7:00 minute pace but I have set that as my primary goal in 2013.  I plan to run the Marine Corps Marathon later in 2013 after the busiest racing season in years.

I have invested a significant amount of time and effort into coaching marathoners the past 17 years but I’m now eager to test myself on this grand scale again.  While my marathon PR of 2:33:13 (5:50 min. pace) is decades behind me, I still have the drive and determination to race some amazing times for a soon to be 55 year old.

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