In Memory Of Bob Taylor

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The temperature was 27 degrees when I began my run this morning @ 8:00 a.m.  I ran  hard during yesterday’s run with the Marathon Coalition so I was planning to take it easy and cruise through a 10 mile run.  A friend of mine lost her father 8 years ago today so I dedicated today’s run to his memory…this one was for you Bob Taylor!

I glanced at my Garmin after the first mile and was surprised at the 7:03 pace.  Dedicated a run to someone seems to have a magical way of putting everything in perspective…thinking about others and feeling a greater degree of appreciation always yields positive results.

I normally try to run the first two miles of every run approximately 2 minutes slower than I plan to average for the remaining miles.  Rather than allowing negative thoughts to dominate these first two miles, I focus on practicing proper and efficient running form.  I decided to run by feel and not worry about time.  I just felt so strong and relaxed so I went with it.  I attribute this to a much improved diet and more consistent training.  I’ve also been investing more time in stretching and yoga after each run.

Once I entered the hilly part of this 10 mile run I throttled back my pace slightly.  I have battled chronic issues with my calves and I was also running in Zero Drop shoes to strengthen my feet and calves-pushing the pace would have been too risky.  I focused on having perfect form through this challenging section of the course.

As I neared the last 2 miles I wanted to continue my run.  But I chose to just ease in and save some energy for the next run.

Upon returning home I stretched in front of the pellet stove and visited with Rider and Macie Jo-both of whom are over the moon with excitement for Christmas.  I spent about 20 minutes with the Roll Recovery R8.  I attribute the R8 with allowing me to return to running sooner than I expected.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful time of year with those that you love.  Take time to think of those loved ones no longer with us and attempt to honor their memory by living life in a way that would make them proud…this was for you Bob Taylor!

Robert Marland Taylor

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