Marathon Coalition Training Canceled

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

In 17 years of coaching I have only had to cancel training 3 times…all related to weather. The expected conditions of the impending storm made the decision to cancel training easy from the standpoint of runner’s safety. However, it was a difficult decision on several other levels.

I look forward to sharing every Saturday with the Marathon Coalition runners. Spending time with such giving people has fueled by enthusiasm for coaching for nearly two decades. Their example of giving, determination and dedication serves as my True North in all aspects of life. Missing just one training session with them leaves a significant void in my week.

I suspect my runners don’t realize how much I need them. The truth is, I receive so much more from them than I provide. I’ve never lived my life expecting things to be fair or equal. I have always needed to feel that I’ve given far more than I’ve received. Training such remarkable people makes the task of coaching more challenging than 100 marathons.

The satisfaction and enjoyment is off the charts…but I will never feel like I’ve compensated them fairly for their contribution to making the world a far better place and the inspiration they’ve given me to be a better person.

  1. nmolivier says:

    You are an inspiration as well!

    • Natalie,

      It’s been wonderful having you on the Marathon Coaltion TEAM. Thank you for the enthusiasm and commitment you bring to training each week and to this journey!

      It’s an honor to be YOUR coach!


  2. Coach Dion says:

    I never cancel training, but I do change training…

    • Coach Dion,

      We are all ‘changing’ our training but we’re only canceling our weekly meeting 🙂 We are all scrambling to get our weekly long run in before the significant snowfall and win. Thanks for continuing to follow my blog.


  3. we love you Rick!!! You are someone I truly admire and look up to. I feel so fortunate to know you and have you in my life as a running coach and friend:)

    • Hello Terri,

      I cannot thank you enough for sharing this journey with me for so many years and the through the trials and tribulations of running and life. I like to think we are more enlightened and appreciative as a result. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend with your family.


  4. Coach Rick, the feeling is mutual. Not going to be the same this week without seeing you tomorrow and running. I have to motivate and get out there this morning (I guess like other mornings) to put in a long one but the community aspect of our Saturday runs is part of what ‘fuels my soul’ and ‘adds light to my feet’. Enjoy the storm and see you next week.

    • Hello Penny,

      I’m so glad that you feel similarly with respext to the community aspect of our weekly runs. I will be thinking of you and your teammates until next Saturday. It will be a running revival!


  5. Smajl says:

    Hi Coach,
    I use part of your letter in all my correspondence with my donors. Thank you for your inspiration and motivation to be a good runner and thank you for teaching us everything else that comes with it. I was wondering if I should run today instead tomorrow or on Sunday.


    • Hello Smile,

      I’m so glad you included a portion of today’s post in your donor correspondence. I would definitely try to get your long run in today if possible. If not, Sunday appears to be the better option.

      Be careful out there.


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