Making Adjustments To Your Boston Marathon Training

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

With just over two months before the Boston Marathon it’s time to assess what changes may be necessary to your training.

This is the phase in training where runners can easily lose their mental focus.  Your mileage has been gradually increasing since December but it might feel like an arduous process. It’s similar to taking a long trip and feeling as though you’ll never arrive at your destination…suddenly it appears and new life is restored.  The Boston Marathon WILL be here soon so you need to capitalize on the remaining weeks of training.

Rather than focusing on just ‘getting through’ the next two months, I recommend that you prepare for them like you would the actual marathon.  You need to go into them the marathon with plenty of rest, properly fueled, well hydrated and with the proper mental preparation.  Begin each run moderately to find a rhythm that’s comfortable and maintain is as long as possible by maintaining efficient running form.

One of the greatest challenges a runner faces is maintaining good and efficient running form as they become tired.  Incorporating brief and regular walking breaks increases the likelihood this will occur.  When runners become tired they tend to lean forward from the waist and tense up their upper bodies.  I recommend occasionally exhaling forcefully to rid your lungs of carbon dioxide, take a really deep inhale, drop your hands below your waist momentarily and then become mentally focused on sustaining this form until the next walk break.

Now is the time to share your fears and concerns with me so they can be addressed immediately.  Going into a state of denial won’t serve you well in the marathon.  We have plenty of time to adjust your training to provide the best possible situation on April 15, 2013!

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