Movement And Achievement Are Synonymous

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Achievement never rests…it will be waiting for you when you awake! I am drawn to motivated people who are in constant motion and who place a high value on health, wellness, fitness and serving others.

Our society has become so soft and undisciplined. We’re killing ourselves with comfort and conveniences that don’t require us to move. Traveling the country has provided an interesting perspective on how unhealthy we’ve become. It’s unsettling that the standard of being surprised when I see a healthy person has become far too common.

There’s a seismic divide between the healthy and unhealthy…similar to the middle-class swiftly evaporating. On one hand you have the Boston Athletic Association being forced to tighten the qualifying standards because the marathon’s popularity has reached epic proportions and at the other end of the spectrum are vast amounts of people racing towards obesity at record rates. The most unsettling aspect of this is the recent research indicating that more than 30% of children are obese. The long-term ramifications of this, coupled with the removal of physical education classes being eliminated and the lack of education on leading a healthier lifestyle, should concern everyone!

My hope is the Marathon Coalition runners will continue to be as disciplined as they have the past 5 months once the marathon concludes. I know that I will be focusing on improving my diet and restructuring my fitness routine to achieve greater balance in the mind, body, spirit model. I will also evaluate the feedback that I receive from each charity that I coach to identify areas where I can improve.

I have plenty of room for improvement in my life. I’m motivated to lose a few pounds by being more consistent with my fitness, eating healthier and establishing several new fitness goals. I certainly want to learn more about yoga so that I can have better overall health. I definitely need to improve my flexibility and I would like to spend more time running on trails and enjoying nature.

I still have another attempt of running 24 hours on the track on my radar. My goal is to run at least 100 miles. I also plan to improve my swimming in an effort to complete an Ironman. I’ve done plenty of ultramarathons but I plan to do plenty more. The marathon continues to intrigue me so I hope to have a consistent summer of training and run Hartford in October.

Movement has been an integral part of my life…that’s not going to change. Movement has been my constant and loyal’s been the foundation of incredible achievement!

  1. I have really enjoyed your blog and found your postings motivating, humorous and helpful as I train for my very first marathon – thanks!

    • I’m so glad thay you’ve enjoyed my blog. What marathon are you running? Good luck…I hope the experience exceeds your expectations. Please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.


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