Risk Versus Reward

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

The excitement of the approaching Boston Marathon is palpable! The anticipation of the next 2 weeks is so exhilarating. It all begins with the trip to the Fitness Expo to pick up the official number. This can be the first time all of this actually seems real!

Approaching a registration volunteer with your official Boston Marathon confirmation and driver’s license is the first step in the marathon weekend journey; one that is filled with excitement and anticipation. Once you enter the expo the environment is similar to a pep rally before the Friday night game, the step onto a military plane before a manuever, the bachelor party before the wedding, it’s the anticipation of a MAJOR accomplishment.

The weekend can be like an emotional roller coaster that you have absolutely no control over. You simply need to try to remain calm and maintain your composure. Navigating these emotional waters or doubt and excitement can drain you of energy. The runners that can stay focused on the task at hand throughout the weekend will be rewarded with unbound confidence when they’re starting at the starting line.

Taking on the 26.2 mile challenge from Hopkinton to Boston is steeped in possibility and risk. Balancing the scale between possible failure and monumental success is exhilarating. But there’s a HUGE difference between fear and respect. You absolutely have to respect the Boston Marathon…it’s the most challenging marathon course imaginable. The weather in New England on Patriot’s Day is as unpredictable as a 16-year-old behind the wheel of a car.

If you’re not nervous about running Boston I suspect you’ll learn some valuable lessons on Marathon Monday. There’s always the voice of doubt asking if you’re prepared, can you really make it to the finish line, have you done all the necessary training to arrive at the finish in ‘relative comfort, do you really have the heart and determination to accomplish this? Those are reasonable questions and can certainly cast doubt over what has the potential of being the biggest day of your life.

The Boston Marathon makes a runner feel alive! I love big challenges because there’s undeniably a correlation between the magnitude of the risk you take and the reward you receive. Are you ready for this? I have no doubt that EVERY runner on the Marathon Coalition TEAM will see the finish line…bring it!!!

  1. I love it Rick. Bring it is right. Hard to contain the excitement.

  2. You are more than ready…after nealy 5 months of dedicated training.

  3. This is also the time to reach out to your family, friends, and support networks that make it all possible. A special “Thank you” to my wife Pauline and the rest of the MacLellan’s!

    • I complete agree, Steve. Nothing significnt is ever accomplished alone…it’s so important to thank everyone that has supported us on so many levels. Thank you to you and your family for making such a significant difference.


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