Defining Moments And Lessons Learned

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Racing Records

Runners tend to be quantitative by nature and I am somewhat guilty of that myself. Keeping a journal of races and times allow us to gauge how we have done against the competition and, most importantly, ourselves. I have posted my racing record simply to put today’s message into context. When I was younger, and to a lesser degree today, my running was defined by numbers. As I’ve gotten older the only true benefit of my racing record is to establish my credibility as a runner/coach. Additionally, as life has gotten more complicated and prevented me from devoting as much time to my running, it serves as a reminder of what I was capable of so long ago and how much I have to appreciate today. While my racing record will show an occassional DNF, particularly at the marathon distance, what it doesn’t show is far more meaningful to me than any race, time or distance. Running in general and racing in particular has taught me more about life than anything else. It has taught me the importance of challenging myself and caring for my health. It’s also taught me the incredible importance of handling failure in the most positive way. I have undoubtedly learned more from my disappointment and failure in running than any PR (personal record) that I have run. And this has undoubtedly proven true in my personal life. Yes, we tend to gravitate to the things that we’ve done well and succeeded at to define us. I have gotten much more comfortable with my shortcomings and failures…but not yet comfortable enough to post them here :-)! But I have allowed these experiences to motivate and inspire me to not repeat them, to appreciate all that I have and to provide a degree of humility about my life. I am painfully aware of my limitations and shortcomings. But I find considerable comfort in knowing that I always have the most positive attitude in everything that I do and that I am willing to pay whatever price is necessary to achieve every goal that I commit myself to. My commitments today include being the best possible father and husband, extremely productive in my work and the most motivating and inspiring coach for the runners of the Marathon Coalition. My racing record is the foundation of accomplishing all these things.

The countless moments that I have devoted to running have taught me the importance of hard work, to deal with pain, agony and defeat; to accept whatever is presented to me in a positive manner and to be enlightened and inspired by those experiences!

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