Finding Hope

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

I hope everyone begins today with a strengthened resolve to live life to the fullest and with a marathoner’s determination to continue to chase your dreams. It will take considerable time to reconcile why this incredible tragedy occurred yesterday, but I’m confident we will continue to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of so many before and during yesterday’s Boston Marathon.

I am heartbroken that so many runners were deprived of the opportunity to experience crossing the finish line yesterday. Our focus, thoughts and prayers should be with the victims and their families and friends during this trying time. Much like life, yesterday didn’t go as planned for nearly everyone. But we will be defined by how we handle this unexpected and tragic occurrence. We need to not be paralyzed by fear of pursuing our goals. We need to show unwavering determination in paying tribute to all who have suffered and sacrificed so we can enjoy our freedom and live honorable lives.

I am going for a run to begin the healing process and to reflect on how I can be a better coach and father….and a more appreciative person. Despite yesterday’s tragedy, my heart is full this morning because of the knowledge that I am a smart part of a huge community of runners that have a relentless commitment to serving others. A group that provides hope, opportunity and life to others!

Thank you all for allowing me into your heart and your life!

  1. conradzen says:

    Here, Here. WellSaid, Coach. you are a tremendous inspiration.

    • Conrad,

      Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure to meet you…I hope that we can remain in contact and continue to share and enjoy our passion for running.


      • conradzen says:

        Ditto, coach Rick. I hope we keep in touch with our shared passion for running and life itself. As I sit in Logan airport now, waiting to fly back home, I also hope that we come back stronger than ever, with enough resolve to say “nothing can stop freedom and the great running community and ideals that the Boston marathon stands for” …

        I firmly believe good should always overcome evil. I resolve to come back next year, with a renewed sense of purpose, and support the marathon and the good people of this Coalition – which includes the fantastic people I got to meet this weekend – coaches (Rick and Greg) and your wonderful families, charity partners staff (Barbara/Camp Shriver, Luana, others), and above all – the committed and dedicated runners that seek to do good in the world and support worthy charitable causes while accomplishing their running dreams. I say… Dream on.

        Best Wishes,

        Conrad Fernandes

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