The Road To Healing

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

The road to healing from Monday’s horrific tragedy will be much longer than any marathon. It will test us to a far greater degree than months of training to complete the 26.2 mile distance. But it will also strengthen our resolve to pursue our dreams and our commitment to serving others and making a difference in the world.

A Marathon Coalition runner recently posted this about the marathon:

“You’ve got what it takes but it is going to take everything you’ve got!”

That certainly has additional meaning now that we are faced with the challenge of reconciling ‘why’ this horrific tragedy occurred. My enthusiasm for running has never been greater. I’m looking forward to the upcoming racing season and pushing myself like never before. I’m looking forward to experiencing the running community like never before. I’m looking forward to showing that world that everyone should pursue their dreams, whatever they may be, like never before!

This tragedy will unite the running community like never before. I look forward to running down the road to healing with all of you!

  1. Dear Rick, I’m with you! As saddened as I am about Monday and being so close to losing my whole family so they could see me cross the finish line, I think about the bond I have with the Marathon Coalition and what we stand for-and that is hope, strength and perseverence. I can tell you right now with the utmost confidence that I will continue to run with purpose and determination and keep reminding myself not to take anything for granted.

  2. Mags says:

    I’m more motivated than every to transform myself into a stronger runner physically and emotionally. One day at a time. Like what you say about heartbreak hill- don’t focus on it, it will be there when you get there. The marathon will be there again, it’s not going anywhere. 1 day at at time.

    • Maggie,

      I love that…1 day at a time! I also have complete confidence in your renewed commitment to transform your self into a stronger runner…physically and emotionally. I look forward to helping you in this effort.


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