Unfinished Business

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized


If this week is any indication, the 2014 Boston Marathon is going to be the most popular and meaningful ever. I have heard from countless runners, many of whom haven’t run Boston in over 10 years, expressing their interest in running Boston.  Next year’s marathon will be one of healing and celebration, for individuals and for our amazing city.

Personally, I cannot remember when my enthusiasm for running has been greater…as an individual…as a coach.  I suspect it will be extremely difficult to gain entry as a qualified runner but I’m going to commit myself to training so that my qualifying time increases the likelihood of gaining entry.  I am entered in the Hartford Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon, both in October.

We won’t be idle for the next 51 weeks.  We have plenty to focus on as we begin to recover from this horrific week.  We certainly need to begin to heal and to also celebrate while being mindful of honoring the memory of the 4 individuals that lost their lives this week.  Yes…we still have plenty of unfinished business.

The events of Marathon Day no doubt have left us feeling sad, angry, bitter, insecure, and unsettled. We’ll never make sense of this heinous act, but we can find a way to move forward and overcome the negative feelings. Running is my way. Connecting with my friends, family and TEAM is another. It works best when the two happen simultaneously. We did not have closure at the end of the day on Monday like we expected, like we needed. Let’s get together as a team and create our own “end of the day”. On Saturday, May 4th, Grafton is holding it 24th Annual Grafton Gazebo Road Race, a 5 mile run and 1.5 mile fun walk that follows the scenic roads through the Grafton Common to the finish. It starts at 10:00 AM. Our family does this race every year. There are also children’s runs on the track before the race, so there’s something for the whole family.

What better way to begin the healing process than with the camaraderie of teammates, the satisfaction of running and completing the race, in the serenity of a quiet country town and the security of a tight knit community. This time we’ll celebrate together at the end.

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  1. Tom says:


    This is a wonderful idea to bring closure to our Boston Marathon experience. Unfortunately, I am not able to make it on May 4. I am running in the Angiosarcoma Awareness 5K, in Oxford, at 9 that morning–and my company is the lead sponsor of the event–which means I’ll need to stay around for the post race festivities.

    My memories of Monday will be the glimmers of hope and humanity I witnessed in the aftermath of tragedy–the woman who offered me her marathon jacket when she saw me, bedraggled-looking, caked in salt, and shivering in a doorway on Stuart Street, trying to find my wife. The Marathon volunteer who offered to give me money to get some food. The woman who offered me her water bottle. The sheer joy I felt as I watched my wife finally make her way up Stuart Street, and as we clung to each other when we reunited. (Barbara was supposed to have been sitting in the bleachers at the finish line–but had been delayed by traffic and subway backups, and hadn’t yet made it t the finish line area when the bombs exploded–but because of the blocked cell phones, I didn’t know where she was for almost 2 hours.) And, first and foremost, the amazing love, caring and concern we received from friends and family. To be loved is an amazing thing!

    You are the best! And, despite the tragedy of the day, running the Boston Marathon was a positive experience for me–my best, most joyful run ever!


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