Paul Crockett Joins Marathon Coalition Coaching Staff

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am extremely pleased to introduce Paul Crockett as the newest member of the Marathon Coalition coaching staff.

Paul Crockett

Paul Crockett brings extensive running experience, including twenty marathons, to the Marathon Coalition TEAM. Paul has been running with the Marathon Coalition TEAM since 2011, and joins the coaching staff for the 2014 marathon. He is passionate about running as a way to transform body and mind, as well as foster camaraderie among team members.

Paul has a particular focus on running form and efficiency. He is also well informed on strength training, injury prevention, and nutrition.

In addition, Paul has experience running and fundraising for charities. He is excited to share what he has learned to help Coalition TEAM members become more efficient runners and strategic fundraisers.

Personal Running Highlights:

  • Twenty marathons, various triathlons up to the half-iron distance, and countless other running races.
  • Sub three-hour marathoner, including Boston.
  • Six consecutive Boston Marathons (marathon PR Boston 2013).
  • Currently training for the Vermont 50 mile ultramarathon.
  • Paul is three continents into his goal of running a marathon on every continent.

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