Meaningful and Purposeful Running

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Running can be so consuming.  Since the Boston Marathon, I have been consumed by my private coaching.  Just prior to the 2012 Boston Marathon I began coaching a few runners privately.  It was something new and added a different dimension to my coaching from training nearly 200 Marathon Coalition runners.

Since then, it’s developed into a far bigger enterprise.  I receive numerous requests each week for private coaching from runners primarily interested in improving their running performance.  Their goals range from breaking 4 hours in the marathon, qualifying for Boston, or improving their PR by a considerable margin.  Each person requires an individualized training program based on their ability and their goals.

I begin every relationship with a Transformational Running clinic that covers every facet of running in approximately a two hour period.  I provide a running methodology for each runner so they establish a purpose for every run.  Most runners focus on covering a specific distance without much additional thought.  Taking a far more meaningful and purposeful approach to training will yield far greater results.

The majority of runners train within their comfort zone most of the time.  To achieve significant results, runners need to train harder on days when they’re completely rested and easier on days when their bodies require an active or complete rest day.  Surprisingly, runners have more difficulty training easier as they don’t see the benefit.  A much-needed and well-timed rest day is as important to a successful training program as a great training run or race.

At the center of my coaching approach is teaching runners to improve their running economy through efficient technique.  Many are so surprised when they realize they can run faster and longer with less effort when their form is perfect.

Although this new coaching endeavor consumes most of my free time, it has been so rewarding to spend more personal time with each runner and help transform their running to an entirely new level….with more meaning and purpose!

  1. David Brown says:

    Rick. Great timing for this post. After our conversation I was planning to refer you to 2 local friends.

  2. David,

    It was great to see you at the Lacrosse game last week. Thank you for the referrals. I will look forward to connecting with your friends.


  3. Erin Gallo says:

    You share your gift in such a special way.

    • Erin,

      You are the best! You’ve been on my mind so much as you work to regain your ability to run consistently. I know it’s been a challenge but no one has more discipline and determination than you.

      I’ve missed you but look forward to reconnecting soon. We definitely need to get together before I embark on my motorcycle journey on July 9th.


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