Posted: June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am staying in a postage stamp sized room at the Empire Hotel in NYC.  It costs three times what I normally pay and is a fraction of the size and quality of what I’m accustomed to.

The upside is I am only a block away from Central Park, there’s an amazing Whole Foods just two blocks away in the basement of the Time Warner building, and I’m a 15 minute walk from Polo Ralph Lauren.

I brought the Acela Express from Providence into Penn Station yesterday for two days of meetings with upper management from Polo Ralph Lauren.   Part of my responsibility is to grow the collegiate program so I will be at Columbia later this morning.

Thankfully I chose to sit next to someone on the train that was nothing short of absolutely pleasant.  I knew I chose the right seat when I noticed she was wearing a Reach The Beach Relay jacket.  She was working on her computer and listening to her iPod so I settled in with The Cool Impossible: The Coach from Born To Run Shows How to Get the Most from Your Miles-and from Yourself.

She eventually asked me if I ran marathons and our conversation continued until we said goodbye at Penn Station.   Her husband Brian coaches the Community Running group in Boston (I definitely need to connect with him).  Charlotte rowed at Harvard (Division 1) and holds a marathon PR of 3:13…which she ran in NYC wearing a Winnie The Pooh outfit…wow!

She knows several of the runners I’ve coached for the Marathon Coalition.  Meeting her was the perfect start to my trip.  What I enjoyed most about our conversation was hearing her talk about their 5 month old daughter, Scout.

So now I’m off for a run in Central Park.  I look forward to my continued preparation for two marathons in October.  I’ll spend the first two miles focused on establishing a rhythm to my run and practicing absolutely perfect form.  As a result, I will place less stress on my body, utilize less energy, experience less chance of injuring myself, and get a far greater return on my investment of time and effort.

I hope you have an awesome run today and that it’s in an amazing location…location…location!



  1. Charlotte Rocker says:

    central park – you’ll be in my home turf! cat hill and harlem hill are my favorites. there’s a lot of satisfaction in running past people who are walking their bikes up harlem hill. 🙂

    hope you’re well, rick!

    • Charlotte,

      I passed several cyclists on Harlem Hill. I’ve never run the perimeter loop before…wow…that was far hillier than I expected. I was staying at the Empire Hotel so I completed my run near Whole Foods and enjoyed a chocolate coconut water.


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