A Thousand Reasons…

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are more than a thousand very compelling reasons why I should reconsider embarking on arguably one of the most challenging endurance rides imaginable.  So many people who care about and love me have asked ‘why’ I am doing this.  I have so many easy answers but not one the average person would understand.

I will have several days where I literally will ride my motorcycle for 24 hours in an effort to travel more than 1500 miles.  The only stops I will make will occur every 200 miles to refuel and complete the travel log required by the Southern California Motorcycle Association (sponsor of the Four Corners Tour) and the Iron Butt Association (www.ironbutt.com).  These stops are well scripted and take less than 15 minutes.

I have been running every day to prepare for this ride and feel extremely confident in my ability to complete this journey.  I have equal confidence in Wagner Motorsports in Worcester, Ma for preparing my BMW for this journey.

I recognized an endurance gene early in life.  I always had to beg my friends and siblings to continue playing, whether it was a board game or an athletic event.  I would play basketball well past the last sign of light and until I couldn’t see the rim.  Even then, I was tempted to continue playing because I could sense where the basket was and would listen for the result of my seemingly endless shots.  When my friends wanted to play baseball, I wanted to ride my bicycle distances no one ever imagined.  Long before I knew about proper fueling and the travails of hypoglycemia, I would conclude these adventures with the largest bag of cookies the local IGA offered.  I remember using a long pole to travel upstream in a rather large and cumbersome boat that took more than 8 hours…just to see how far I could go…to test my limits.

That is why just completing a marathon had no interest to me.  I wanted to see how fast I could travel 26.2 miles.  When I ran 2:33 on three separate occasions, I was convinced I found my physical limit.  I then moved up to a 50 mile trail race, the 100K (62 miles) National Championships (where I finished 5th) then 24 hour runs.  I’ve enjoyed running 50 and 62 miles on the track and look forward to attempting 100 miles on the track in 2014.

So I have listened to a long list of reasons why I shouldn’t attempt a motorcycle ride of this magnitude.  I sincerely appreciate everyone’s concern, particularly for my safety and the well-being of my family.

But I need to explore the extreme boundaries of endurance.   I need to feel that I am alive and that my life means far more than a 9 to 5 job and conforming to the expectations of society.  I need to hope that my adventure might inspire someone else to chase their dreams and begin to believe they can accomplish more than they ever imagined.

So a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t do this is simply trumped by the one reason I need to do this more than any other…I need to live!

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